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#90841.02 - WAFFLE DISPENSER KEY (2/PK.) Regular Price : $5.50
Special Price : $5.25
#90841.02 - WAFFLE DISPENSER KEY (2/PK.)
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NOTE: Our Item #90841.02 contains a set of (2) Waffle Dispenser Keys.

The Waffle Dispenser Key is widely used throughout the industry. It operates in a wide selection of both Standard and Jumbo - Bath Tissue dispensers and also C-fold / Multi-fold and Roll Hand Towel dispensers. Many brands of these dispensers use this universal dispenser key's locking system. Some of these brands include; Georgia Pacificฎ (GP #50411), Kimberly Clarkฎ (KC #74530), SCA Tissueฎ (SCA #14 Key), San Jamarฎ (#N-16) and also former Fort Howard (Key #11).

Even though each manufacturer listed has a different part number and name associated with this design, the Waffle Dispenser Key remains as one of the main keys used throughout the industry. This unique key is molded in heavy duty ABS plastic and is usually light gray in coloration. Its design makes this key extremely durable and easy to refill hand towel and roll towel dispensers by simply pushing the key into the same pattern located on the dispenser to release the locking system.

The following is a list of the manufacturers and corresponding dispensers the Waffle Dispenser Key operates:

• Model #52102 – 58150 – 58250 – 59260 – 59209 – 59350

• Model #74530 – Profileฎ Jumbo Bath Tissue Single
• Model #74540 – Profileฎ Jumbo Bath Tissue Twin

List of the Current SCA Tissue Dispensers the Waffle Dispenser Key operates:
• Model #'s: 52GR – 52T – 55TR – 56T1 – 58T1 – 65GR – 66TR – 67TR – 68T – 73TR – 75GR

List of Obsolete SCA Tissue Dispenser the Waffle Dispenser Key operates:
• Model #'s: 56 – 56A – 56PA – 56PW – 58 – 58PW – 65T – 66PA – 66PW – 66T1 – 75T – 85T

SAN JAMAR: (San Jamar N16 Key)
List of all the San Jamar dispensers the Waffle Dispenser Key operates:
• Classicฎ Series Model #'s: T1100 – T1190 – T1200 – T1300 – T1400 – T1700 - T1750 – T750 – T850 – T800 – T8000 – R2000 – R3000 – R3500 – R3600 – R4000 – R6000 – R6500

• Oceansฎ Series Model #'s: T1290 – T1390 – T1490 – T1790 – R2090 – R2790 – R3090 – R3590 – R4090 – S890

FORT HOWARD: ( #11 Key)
• Model #: 582-50 – Two Roll Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispenser
• Model #: 593-50 – Senior Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser w. Stub Roll Feature
• Model #: 521-02 – Micro Twin Dispenser

How To Purchase:
If you need a replacement Waffle Dispenser Key or are just looking to purchase a spare, we stock this item. We also offer "Free Shipping" on all orders shipped to locations within the U.S. and Canada on our complete line of dispenser keys. To add this product to your shopping cart, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button located below and to the right.

Product Questions:
If you have any questions or inquiries concerning the Waffle Dispenser Key or any dispenser key located on this Site, please contact our knowledgeable Customer Support Team at: Toll-Free 1-888-989-KEYS (5397) or email us at:

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