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#PS102 PASS & SEYMOUR #1498 LOCK SWITCH KEY Regular Price : $5.99
Special Price : $3.99
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Our Item #PS102

The Pass & Seymour #1498 Switch Key, is the oldest switch key used in conjunction with Pass & Seymour commercial grade locking electrical switches. The #1498 lock switch replacement key is a pre-1976 design and used with Pass & Seymour lock switches manufactured and installed before 1976. This type of tamper proof switch is primarily used in the hallways, auditoriums, gymnasiums and main areas of Elementary Schools and High Schools to prevent students from turning lights on or off. It can also be used in commercial building such as Colleges, Universities, Libraries and State and Federal Buildings.

The way these electrical switches work is the janitor or custodian simply inserts the switch key into the tamper proof electrical switch, turns the switch to the ON position and then removes the key. The switch can also be locked in the OFF position and the switch key removed.

How To Purchase:
If your building uses pre-1976, Pass and Seymour Locking Switches and you need a replacement lock switch key or you are just looking to purchase a spare, we stock the #PS102 - Pass & Seymour #1498 Switch Key. We also offer "Free Shipping" on our complete line of electrical switch keys. To add this product to your shopping cart, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button located below and to the right.

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